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This is not a recommended configuration. Each entity (ie, Bank of America) should have an org that owns their peers and a separate org that owns their ordering nodes. Regulations or business preferences might make it desirable (or necessary) for BOA to split up their operations even further (a different CA for their investment arm than for their housing arm, for example), but ordering nodes and peers should not have the same root of trust (the same root CA).
Fabric will ALLOW you to do this --- there is no internal mechanism that checks to make sure the roots of trust are different --- but it is not recommended.
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Hi Joe and Jean,
Looking at the example of Jean I am wondering if it is possible to use Org1 and Org2 as the organizations of the orderers.
So instead of creating new organizations for each orderer (Org1Ord and Org2Ord), can I have a single Org1 for both peer1 and orderer1 and another Org2 for both peer2 and orderer2?
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Thank you very much for your great explanation which was exactly the kind of insights I was looking for.
Unless I'm wrong (if so correct me please), the illustration I made in my previous post matches the description you made of the way things should be “organized".
It seems to me that the notion of organization in Fabric is now much clearer.

Thank you again for your time!





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