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Michael Wang

That's great news.

On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 7:51 PM Christopher Ferris <chris.ferris@...> wrote:
Nice work! Thanks. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to contribute - using the more familiar Github workflow.


On Nov 21, 2019, at 1:10 AM, Brett T Logan <Brett.T.Logan@...> wrote:

Hello Contributors,
The time has finally come. The Hyperledger Fabric maintainers are planning for a migration of the core Fabric repository to GitHub this Friday morning Eastern Standard Time.
We are asking that effective immediately, all contributors stop pushing changes to Gerrit. Instead contributors can open their changes as pull requests using the Hyperledger Fabric repository in Github We have already configured CI to run against new pull requests using Azure Pipelines. This will allow the maintainers time merge as many Gerrit CR's as they can before the cutover.
Any changes that don't make it in before the Friday cutover will be abandoned and contributors will need to reopen them in GitHub. If you feel it's unlikely your change will make it in by Friday morning, we ask that you move it to GitHub now, and close your CR so maintainers can focus on changes that will get merged in the next day.
We will be publishing updated documentation about best practices, but in the meantime a few reminders about GitHub contributions:
  • Commits should be focused and small
  • Commit messages should include the Jira number on their first line and the body should include meaningful information on the change
  • Your signature must be included in your commit message, you can do this using the "-s" flag when running the "git commit" command
  • When opening a pull request it must come from your fork of the Fabric repository
  • When opening the pull request, your pull request message should include a meaningful title and provide the reasoning around the change, this will help maintainers understand what you are attempting to achieve (we will be publishing an automatic template yet this week, once that happens you should fill out the template accordingly)
With this migration, Hyperledger will have migrated all of its development repositories off of Gerrit and Jenkins. Contributions are welcome to any of the Hyperledger projects through GitHub moving forward. It is our hope that by adopting this industry standard we can lower the barrier of entry for new contributors and attract even more of the community to participate in contributing.
As always, thank you for your contributions!
Brett Logan
Software Engineer, IBM Blockchain
Phone: 1-984-242-6890

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