#fabric #raft Orderers and organization, how to organize them? #fabric #raft

Jean-Gaël Dominé <jgdomine@...>

Hi all,

This topic is more a conceptual one around orderers and organizations as we are moving from solo mode to Raft.
In solo mode, as we had a single orderer, the organization matter was quite simple :)

But with Raft we were thinking of having 4 orderers. We just have doubts about how they should be structured on an organization level.
In fact, we created two different 2-orderer organizations. One would be linked to peer organization A and the other one to peer organization B.
Thus, A and B have the same number of orderers.
CAs from A and B would respectively be responsible for issuing the certificates/keys of "their" orderers.

Well, that's one way of designing it we had but we really are not sure that is the good practice.

Would anybody have insight on that matter?

Thank you in advance

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