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Srinivasan Muralidharan

To add a bit more to Brian's note...

If you target upcoming 2.0 (and that'd be my advice) you lessen fabric side changes considerably thanks to the "external" builder framework. So good to get started on the shim side using the Java chaincode repo for guidance as suggested by Brian and not worry too much about the fabric side for now. I can provide some help if you like ("muralisr" on Rocket Chat).


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Many thanks Brian, this is helpful and very much appreciated!

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Modest insights ahead, and IANAM (I am not a maintainer):

Both seem like non-trivial lifts, so be sure that you really need each of them.  There is emerging and improving support for the Microsoft developer tools ecosystem with Fabric, including a Visual Studio plugin, if that's all you need:

For a C# SDK, there is likely no better approach than taking an SDK in a language you are most familiar - be it Python or Java or Node - and looking at how they work.  The GRPC protos are documented here for 1.4:

and here for the current branch, what will end up in 2.0:

For C# Chaincode support, it may be best to start with the Java chaincode repo:

which looks like it contains some good high level explanation on how it integrates.

Hope this helps,


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Can anyone help? Even modest insights would be appreciated.

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I am interested in adding csharp support to Fabric and bringing it on par with Java or even Go support. I want to add chaincode support and client.

Could someone please help me find my way and provide me a high-level list of what I'll need to do and where I'll need to look into. I do not have much experience with Fabric but I've read the docs extensively so I am familiar with the concepts. I also have a basic background in blockchain programming.

This undertaking (which is a prerequisite for us to be able to work with Fabric), will also allow me to get familiar with it in depth in a productive way.

Thank you,


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