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Modest insights ahead, and IANAM (I am not a maintainer):

Both seem like non-trivial lifts, so be sure that you really need each of them.  There is emerging and improving support for the Microsoft developer tools ecosystem with Fabric, including a Visual Studio plugin, if that's all you need:

For a C# SDK, there is likely no better approach than taking an SDK in a language you are most familiar - be it Python or Java or Node - and looking at how they work.  The GRPC protos are documented here for 1.4:

and here for the current branch, what will end up in 2.0:

For C# Chaincode support, it may be best to start with the Java chaincode repo:

which looks like it contains some good high level explanation on how it integrates.

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Can anyone help? Even modest insights would be appreciated.

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I am interested in adding csharp support to Fabric and bringing it on par with Java or even Go support. I want to add chaincode support and client.

Could someone please help me find my way and provide me a high-level list of what I'll need to do and where I'll need to look into. I do not have much experience with Fabric but I've read the docs extensively so I am familiar with the concepts. I also have a basic background in blockchain programming.

This undertaking (which is a prerequisite for us to be able to work with Fabric), will also allow me to get familiar with it in depth in a productive way.

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