Fabric SDK resource usage spike issue

Adhav Pavan

Hello Team,

We have containerized an express app using fabric node SDK to interact with the blockchain network.

We have deployed this alongside the fabric network on a single VM.

While testing with a certain load, we are observing that express app (fabric SDK) is consuming a lot of CPU and memory resources compared to other fabric components.

What I have observed is that, generating client object and channel object inside invoke-chaincode.js taking 50ms to 200ms collectively(fluctuating).

Could be this reason we have a spike in CPU and memory usage?

Machine Specification:

4 core, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Network Spec:

Two ORG having two peers each, Two CA, one couch DB for each peer, solo orderer.

Thank you.

Pavan Adhav

Cell Phone:+91-8390114357  E-Mail: adhavpavan@...

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