Proposal : Hyperledger Fabric block archiving

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I’d like to propose a new feature ‘block archiving’ for Hyperledger Fabric. We are working on this block archiving project which is listed under Hyperledger Labs repository. Our current main efforts are focused on improvement of reliability. If we could get some feedback on our proposed feature from members involved in Hyperledger Fabric implementation, it’ll be quite useful for further improvement of UX.


- Hyperledger Fabric Block Archiving


    This enhancement for Hyperledger Fabric is aiming to:


        - Reduce the total amount of storage space required for an organisation to operate a Hyperledger Fabric network by archiving block data into repository.

        - For organisations, operate a Hyperledger Fabric network with low resourced nodes, such as a IoT edge devices for example.


- Our proposal


- Technical overview



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Atsushi Neki

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