Re: Major security hole in Hyperledger Fabric - Private Data is not private #fabric-chaincode #ssl #fabric #fabric-questions #fabric-dstorage

Ivan Ch <acizlan@...>

Hi Yacov

again you are bypassing the question, to be honest I am quiet frustrated now.

the community is not about defending a stance but to find a solution to on going problems, and if something is wrong (which happens frequently in any open source project) we may need to discuss and consider another approach. the current questions about private data listed from various people are listed here:

Security issues
1) hashes put on chain don't have salt added to it, which is vulnerable to dictionary attack (solved)

Methodology issues
1) hashes on chain cannot be validated by any third party, so they can be used by adversaries to trick honest participants (open)
2) private data use gossip to transact data, which would require all participants be connected with any other participant part of a chain. if there are 20 participants in a channel, each participant must open up their firewalls to all other 19 participants of a single channel (open)

Engineering issues:
1) when using k8s and behind load-balancers or proxies, users do not even get a chance to use a shared port (in the aforementioned example, each participant can't even open firewalls to 19 other participants without extensive hacking, and I assumed all participants need to deployed these hacked code to make it work. (discussed)

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