Re: Wrong world state #fabric #fabric-questions

Joao Antunes

Thank you for reaching out again Dave,

In my case, for some unknown reason, I had 1 good world state and 3 bad world state. After updating fabric image on peers and resetting all peers, the world state got coherent with the ledger. So from my analysis, world state was wrong, but the ledger was correct.
I had 3 wrong peers and 1 correct, but even then I was not able to change anything due to my queries readset. One of the readsets was different so, no actions were possible.
How this happened I don't know. I know that these entities originated from a single huge transaction (10K new entities created) but the ownership of some of them (3 or 4) were not coherent in the peers. Even after deleting the CouchDB database from the peer, it still recovered but with wrong data. Only resetting the peer solved the issue.

I'll investigate more and if possible I'll provide more data to this thread and if that's the case a Jira issue

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