Unable to debug smart contract from VS Code debugger

Siddharth Jain

I am unable to debug my smart contract from vs code debugger. Here is my setup:
  • peer node is started with CORE_CHAINCODE_MODE=dev
  • fabric-chaincode-node is run with --peer-chaincodedev=true
    $ npm start -- --peer.address localhost:17052 --chaincode-id-name asset-contract --peer-chaincodedev=true
  • a vs code debug session is started with Node.js Attach by process ID configuration 
  • debugger is attached to the fabric-chaincode-node process and I am able to set breakpoints which also show up as activated in vs code

  • I can invoke the chaincode from command line but the debugger does not break
anyone knows what is the problem and how to fix it? Using 1.4 of Fabric

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