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Prehoda Balazs


I tried raft recently, and ran into this strange behavior:

When I invoke peer channel create ..., I always get &{NOT_FOUND} first, then &{SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE} 4 or 5 times. After that, everything is OK, I can join the peers and update the anchor peers successfully. I get the same even if I wait 5-10 minutes before trying to create the channel, or if I reduce the number of both the peers and orderers from 3 to 1. In the orderer logs, I can see 4 or 5 warnings about rejecting deliver request for my CLI's IP because of consenter error.

This behavior does not block me and my project, but I am sure it is not expected, and I would like to know why it works this way, and how I could fix it.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.



The script used to create the channel, join peers and update the anchor peers is attached.
The output of the create-join-channel.sh script:

The orderer logs:

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