Re: chaincode fingerprint ID is mismatching #fabric-chaincode #fabric-questions

Nicholas Leonardi

Hi Suresh, 
It must be the exact same folder with the exact same files when you install.
But that's not for production, here's what you do:
 1. In org1 where you instantiated the chaincode, run the the command 
"peer chaincode package -n chaincodeName -p /path/to/save -v 1 chaincodeName.pak -l node"

2. Install the chaincodeName.pak in org 2 with the following command
"peer chaincode install /path/to/chaincode/chaincodeName.pak"

That's the best way to always have the exact same chaincodes installed 

Em quarta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2019 06:55:58 BRT, suresh <tedlasuresh@...> escreveu:

Hi All,

Initially, I have Org1 in my fabric network. after that, I added Org2 into the consortium My question is I already install and instantiated the chain code in org1

Now I stall the same chaincode in Org2 peer nodes. But When I am querying the chaincode I am getting error i.e could not get chaincode code: chaincode fingerprint mismatch: data mismatch

Can any one help regarding this issue


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