Hyperledger Fabric Scalability

alok gupta <metech11@...>

Hello There,

We are conducting a POC for Oil & GAS Retail automation. In which, we are recording all digital/ cash sales onto the Fabric ledger. We monitor the stock levels in the fuel tanks through smart contract. The idea is to replace the current automation system in India which requires massive investment in installation and maintenance. Our app is running successfully on a fuel station at a fuel station in Chandigarh, India. 

My query is about the scalability of fabric over no. of channel, organizations, and peers. Can we scale up our solution to connect the fuel companies ( IOCL. HPCL etc.) with India wide fuel stations? I have seen other use cases like Wallmart food safety where there are running a huge network on blockchain. To move forward in our idea, we need a clarity on scalability Please advise.

Thank you

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