Re: Channel Registration Failed

White, Spencer (S.)


I believe I resolved the issue. Within my chaincode folder, I had files example-chaincode.js, example-chaincode.go and a compiled go chaincode named example-chaincode. After removing example-chaincode, I was able to successfully spin up the network and deploy the node chaincode.

I will separate the chaincodes into different sub-folders in the future.


From: White, Spencer (S.)
Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2019 3:00 PM
To: fabric@... <fabric@...>; hyperledger-fabric@... <hyperledger-fabric@...>
Subject: Channel Registration Failed

I am getting "channel registration failed" when running peer chaincode instantiate, a similar error identified in these two JIRA issues: 
Any advice? The issues are closed. I am able to deploy a go chaincode in the network, but not a node chaincode.

Node Version: 10.15.3
NPM Version: 6.4.1
Go Version: go1.11 darwin/amd64


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