Re: Major security hole in Hyperledger Fabric - Private Data is not private #fabric-chaincode #ssl #fabric #fabric-questions #fabric-dstorage


Hi Dave,  Alexandre,  Yacov, Ivan

I think private data’s p2p connection is a real problem (partially agree with Ivan).

In some commercial scenario, we need to open firewalls for every company connecting to each other, which is a disaster for project deployment.
And that is not the end of story. When a new company needs to join the existing fabric network, it needs to connect to each company. Again, we need to open firewalls, not only for the one newly joining, but also for those already joined. Hard to explain to everyone why a new company joining leads to such a tremendous configuration change. You don’t know how terrible it is you get challenged by IT departments of those companies ONE BY ONE, and you have no solution.
Do you have solution for such issue? 
Thank you all

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