Update: Hyperledger Fabric Node/Java Chaincode/SDK Repository moves



Here's an update on moving the node/java chaincode/sdk repositories over to Github for code changes and Azure Pipelines for CI.
fabric-sdk-java Move complete FABJ-486
fabric-gateway-java Move complete FGJ-48
fabric-sdk-node In progress FABN-1386
fabric-chaincode-java Move complete FAB-16712
fabric-chaincode-node Move complete FAB-16711
We are working towards moving fabric-sdk-node across this week, and we'll be in touch with the owners of open CRs in Gerrit to merge these changes, or request them to be re-opened in Githhub as pull requests. We are also in the process of cleaning up any migration issues across the other repositories (e.g. removing Jenkins files, publishing using Azure Pipelines etc) but please let us know if you have issues/spot anything related to the migration via the above jiras, which will be closed when this is complete.

We've also been working through the Jira backlog on all of these repositories to clean up old issues, close duplicates etc - please reach out to me if you need to discuss this further.

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