Starting Fabric-CA without providing any root certificate #fabric-ca


Hi All,

I am using Fabric-CA to generate enrollment and TLS certificates. I am using below command to start the Fabric-CA:

fabric-ca-server start -b admin:adminpw --port 7054

I am not providing any root certificate keypair to Fabric-CA.

Fabric-CA is getting started successfully but I am seeing that Root Certificate is always the same. So, if I have started 2 instances of Fabric-CA- 1 for orderer org and 1 for peer org- root certificate is same for both the organizations. This behavior is consistently same.

Is it mandatory to supply a root certificate to Fabric-CA while starting it? Does it not generate a different root certificate on its own? Am I missing any step?

Thanks & Regards,
Shruti Gupta

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