Re: Major security hole in Hyperledger Fabric - Private Data is not private #fabric-chaincode #ssl #fabric #fabric-questions #fabric-dstorage

Ivan Ch <acizlan@...>

Hi Alexandre, Yacov

Thanks for your reply and I appreciate the discussion. my hands are tight now so I will give my full response later today:

Yes, my point is private data design maybe flawed in two ways: one is fixable by adding salt and then use point2point connection to send pre-image data to intended recipient .

However, the second issue is more fundamental and may be difficult to solve. In short, private data design would only work if all participants are honest parties. maybe I should use something that's not always fixed like national ID such as "trade ID" in my earlier example. (I am still trying to avoid real life examples here as it may give bad guys a chance to look). 



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