Re: How to manage the Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) in Fabric on time-critical applications

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I understand your point. In the case of the auction system, nevertheless, how can I get the best current price when I do transaction queries. Maybe I have to use the range-based queries to seek the best price every time there is a query? I think that would affect system performance if there are a lot of queries. I also concern about querying time in the case that the system gets massive adoption.

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you don't have to write to the same key.

You can have each voter / bidder commit to his vote / bid by writing to a separate key that corresponds to its identity, and in the end have all the voters / bidders reveal their votes / bids, and this will not create any MVCC conflicts.

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Hi everyone,

I know that the multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) is used to address double-spending problems in Fabric. However, the MVCC might become one of the most obstacles when designing time-critical applications such as auction and voting systems. On a voting system, for example, two voters commit to voting for the same candidate in the same block-time frame. This results in an invalid transaction for the 2nd voter according to the MVCC.

My solution to such an issue was to use an off-chain messaging queue system to gather and categorize certain transaction requests from clients. Then, the batches of the categorized transactions were sent to a chaincode to invoke.

Here are my questions:
1.        Was my solution suitable for the above example? 
2.        Does anyone have better solutions?
3.        Is Hyperledger Fabric suitable for real-time applications such as auction and voting systems?


Best Regards,
Phuwanai Thummavet

Best Regards,
Phuwanai Thummavet
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