Hyperledger Fabric-CA GitHub Migration

Brett T Logan <brett.t.logan@...>

Hello Fabric Contributors,
Several months ago, the Fabric team set out to improve the CI process for Fabric repositories. Since the project inception, our CI system has been plagued by flakes, hardware issues, software issues, and the constant need to play catch-up as new dependencies became available. We spent the last few months contemplating what a "next-gen" CI system would mean for Fabric and the requirements we had to getting there. While investigating many modern CI systems, we found very limited support for Gerrit, and therefore switching from Gerrit to GitHub for source control became a prerequisite for the desired CI improvements.
When the original decision was made to use Gerrit, it was with good reason - GitHub was lacking some of the control Fabric needed to protect the integrity of its codebase. Today GitHub has first-class support for these controls and has become the industry standard for source control management. In fact, Gerrit has become an obstacle for contributors. Over a series of Contributor Calls, maintainers and contributors agreed to move forward with the migration from Gerrit to GitHub for source control.
Fabric CA was recently migrated from Gerrit to GitHub, and setup to use Azure Pipelines for CI, to verify the new process in a low-traffic environment including branch protection rules, review process, and CI checks. We are pleased to report that things are looking good, and we would encourage others in the community to submit pull requests to Fabric CA, get familiar with the new processes, and provide any feedback before we migrate Fabric and the other projects.
Please see the initial GitHub Contribution doc at https://hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io/en/latest/github/github.html and provide any feedback. We will be sharing updates on Rocket Chat #fabric-maintainers and #fabric-ci, and updating the mailing list at major milestones.
As always, thank you for your contributions!
Brett Logan

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