Kafka To RAFT Migration #fabric #kafka #raft

soumya nayak <soumyarjnnayak@...>

Hi All,

V1.4.3 - Fabric
System channel created -- ordererchannel
Application channel created -- legaldescriptionchannel

While migration from Kafka to RAFT i am getting an error in step -2

Step - 1 --> Updating both the system channel and application channel -- Maintenance Mode (*Completed*)
Step - 2 --> Updating the JSON with RAFT details -- type as "etcdraft" and metadata with all the consenter details and submitting for channel update in application channel is giving me the below error --
*Error: got unexpected status: BAD_REQUEST -- error applying config update to existing channel 'legaldescriptionchannel': attempted to change consensus type from kafka to etcdraft .

Below is the Capabilities section in my configtx.yaml file.
Channel: &ChannelCapabilities
          V1_4_3: true
          V1_3: false
          V1_1: false
Application: &ApplicationCapabilities
          V1_4_2: true
          V1_3: false
          V1_2: false
          V1_1: false
Orderer: &OrdererCapabilities
          V1_4_2: true
           V1_1: false

Please find attached the fabric-CLI tool logs and the orderer logs.


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