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Christopher Ferris

Tubal, you could also try the Fabric EVM chaincode to implement ERC20 or ERC721 tokens, etc. Use the #fabric-evm channel for discussion.


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Greg -

Not quite sure what you mean by "there is no clear (unobfuscated) answer".
Dave Enyeart posted to the mailing list back in June.
Perhaps the message was not clear ... the net-net is that the way FabToken was implemented revealed some underlying issues which need to be addressed (primarily around post-order execution where the endorsed transaction model is not used). And then as we started to look more deeply, we think there is a different way of actually implementing token and other post-order execution use cases so we actually removed the code.

Yuval - you don't actually need FabToken to implement tokens for Fabric. You can use implement tokens using chaincode. People have been doing this for quite a while.

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Hi Yuval,

I think this is a big mystery and a question to which there is no clear (unobfuscated) answer.

Thx, gm

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Why was FabToken removed? (
What are the plans going toward for a token implementation?

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