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Correct ... channel event hub does not support "durable subscriptions". Consuming applications need to keep track of the most recent block they have received / processed (I'll also note that there are actually full-fledged messaging engines which work this way as well). There is also no mechanism to treat multiple instances of an application as a single subscriber; all instances will receive all blocks/events. Generally speaking, I would not try to deduplicate messages but rather would look to implement fault tolerant processes where only a single instance is active / running. There are multiple ways to accomplish this: exclusive lock on a shared file, use Kubernetes and require only one instance to be running, etc.

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Thanks for the information.

So, it sounds like the application is still responsible for keeeping track of the most recent block that has been processed for chaincode events across application restarts. Is that accurate?

Has any support been added for running multiple instances of an application that is subscribing to chaincode events without the need for a deduping step?

Thanks again!


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The ChannelEventHub offers the ability to be started or restarted with a 'startBlock' and/or 'endBlock'. The ChannelEventHub instance keeps the last block received number. The block number is also included in all event information provided to the callbacks of the application's registered listeners. When using chaincode events, it would be best to receive all events at one from a block of transactions in case the application goes down, this feature was added with fabric-client@1.4.2.

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