Connecting DLT Adapter with an HSM Enabled Network #fabric-questions #hsm #fabric-ca


Hi everyone,

I have created a softhsm enabled fabric network. Now that I DON'T have the admin-cert and admin-private-key in a file, how can I connect with the network from a dlt-adapter without them or is there a work around this problem.

NOTE: The user is getting registered and I'm getting back certs and keys for the user. I have verified the user from the CA-DB but when I send in a request to install chaincode it gives the following error as I'm giving it a dummy cert and key form some other network for testing. 

2019-09-02 07:57:54.956 UTC [cauthdsl] deduplicate -> ERRO e94 Principal deserialization failure (the supplied identity is not valid: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority) for identity 0


Commonly we define the path of private-key and cert in the connection profile like this.


mspid: org1MSP
- ca-org1
path: ../network/dummy-key/8324ca3d120673c05fe0201f7f9cea5bb8d5e9cc396591d0023572934378a04b_sk
path: ../network/dummy-cert.pem

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