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Brian Behlendorf <bbehlendorf@...>

This sounds like a good idea!  Hope to have a chance to try this out soon.  Are you offering this a contribution to HL, for integration into the tree?


On 06/14/2016 12:31 PM, Daniel Ford wrote:
...a quick note to announce the availability of a collection of
Ansible playbooks that provision, configure and launch instances of
the Hyperledger Fabric using Consul, Docker, Docker Swarm and Docker

The easy to read and understand playbooks can be configured to launch
an arbitrarily sized instance of the Fabric on an arbitrary set of
previously un-configured computers.  Ansible will take care of
provisioning the machines appropriately, and then will automatically
generate a configuration file for Docker Compose to launch the Fabric
instance on Docker Swarm, all triggered with a single command.

Apache License

Dan Ford
Keoja LLC

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