Honey Badger BFT #consensus #kafka #raft

Olivier de Jong - Trejo

Hi Gari,

Thank you for your reply. There are actually reasons for choosing Honey Badger over Tendermint. These are outlined in an article written by POA Network on Medium. The first one is asynchrony. With Honey Badger BFT there are no timing assumptions. Messages can arrive at any time, and network speed determines the transaction rate. This improves efficiency in both fast and slow networks, as the block rate does not need to be configured based on scenarios or assumptions, it follows the true speed of the network. The second is leaderless consensus. Honey Badger BFT consensus mechanism does not require a leader node to propose transactions. Every node is a proposer. This eliminates potential attacks where a leader node can be stalled indefinitely, bringing the entire network to a halt. The third one is efficient and secure message distribution. Based on algorithms developed by Miller et al., the Honey Badger library uses several techniques to effectively encrypt, split and send messages in small chunks. This saves bandwidth and creates an extremely efficient process. The article can be found on Medium.

I think that using Honey Badger would be the best option. The Rust implementation is well written and can be found on Github. Before getting started, I will reach out in the orderer channel.


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