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Don Li <lichunshen84@...>

Hi Raj,

I appreciate your thoughtful response.

I don't have an issue with Hyperledger Fabric complexity. 
Yesterday, I noticed another post from Corda's CTO, Richard Brown (who's one my connections on LinkedIn and for whom I have high respect) about his strong interest in Corda's crypto coin capability and his opinion of the potential of digital assets to enterprises.  It further confirms my position on the value of Fabtoken.  Thus, I would encourage many in this community to take some time to research on the potential value of digital assets (thus, the need for crypto coin) and to see if the  
enhancement of Fabtoken is a sensible thing to do.


(Don) Chunshen Li

On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 6:38 AM Raj Shekhar Bhardwaj <rsbhardwaj08@...> wrote:
Hi Don,

Thanks for raising this very important concern.
As rightly said by Chris, it totally depends on the use case which platform can be used.

I am just adding few points about Corda for everybody to know-
First of all, Corda is not a blockchain (although they are calling it), it is more like a partially shared distributed ledger designed totally to overcome the data privacy and data storage related concerns of financial businesses (mainly). The current surge in corda usage is a result of their very aggressive marketing campaign from last 10 months.
Lets find out how diff they are in corda-
Data-Privacy- As per design in corda, only those nodes will save data who are a part of that particular transaction. But this is not always true as to verify a particular transaction the nodes requests for whole chain of that tx (as per UTXO model) that means not that much privacy.
Data Storage- As data is not stored in the form of blocks and is not shared with all the nodes in the network, Corda saves storage space.
Performance - Less throughput than hyperledger fabric so far.
etc etc

My view on Corda - Yes it is unique in its own way and can be used to solve the limited needs of specific use cases specially in finance but its hard for me to imagine a system more nearer to core concepts of decentralisation with Corda. 

Hyperledger Fabric - It is complex (yes), the progress is slow like on FabToken etc(very serious issue), community responses are delayed (serious issue) but so far it is the most complete, much decentralised (thanks to RAFT) and modular Enterprise Blockchain Platform available till date.

PS: We would love to hear more from the leaders in this group about this topic and steps we can take to improve ourselves.

Thanks and Regards,
Raj Shekhar Bhardwaj

On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 11:37 PM Chris <alaskadd@...> wrote:
Ultimately you have to select the environment that best suits the needs of your particular client and their associated use case.  For my company, that means HL Fabric because my clients don’t need or want any crypto assets or exchange on their network. I plan on adapting Fabtoken and agree with you that as a community we need to advance this feature with more urgency. 
Chris G.

On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 1:01 PM Don Li <lichunshen84@...> wrote:

First, feedback.
* A few people in the blockchain space whom I've known for a while told me that they've switched to R3 Corda several months ago. I felt a bit disappointed but didn't take it to heart.
* Over the past weekend, another person in the blockchain space who I got to know because of his  blog on Hyperledger Fabric impressed me some time ago... sent me the following:
He: "stopped using Fabric to be fair."
Me: "what drove you to stop using Fabric"
He: "Too complex, bad docs, not very responsive community."

News of Corda on crypto coin
Corda launches token SDK ... "Firms already using Corda tokens include SIX Digital Exchange, Tradewind Markets for precious metals trading, HQLAx for collateral trading, Ivno for instant transaction settlement and asset tokenization firm ValueOnChain."   
-- Guy Hochstetler, Director - Solution Engineering Team Lead - Deployment at R3

Potential uncertainty / difficult decision
As a blockchain consultant, the sensible market segment that would use my blockchain expertise are NOT major corporations but smaller firms and entrepreneurs, and for them,
in addition to a blockchain platform an ability to leverage crypto coin can be equally important.  It's now crystal clear other major blockchain platforms such as Corda have started to  embrace crypto coin.  When I heard of Fabtoken from Fabric 2.0 alpha I was encouraged by it several months ago, however, lack of progress in this important area and all of the above starts to make me wonder if it's wise to stay with Hyperledger Fabric...

(Don) Chunshen Li

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