Version mismatch for key

Abhijeet Bhowmik <abhijeet@...>

Hey All,

I am facing a problem with propgating stub.putState() among 2 organizations. One organization successfully commits the transaction while the other one doesn't. I see the error on the peer log, a brief of which is as follows:

2019-07-17 11:08:42.242 UTC [statevalidator] validateKVRead -> DEBU a2a Version mismatch for key [patient:Patient15801]. Committed version = [&{%!s(uint64=7) %!s(uint64=0)}], Version in readSet [block_num:14 ]

It seems the issue lies with the RW set versioning. The default endorsement policy is used so one organization successfully committed the block while the other committed it as a failed transaction. How can I sort this out?

Thanks and Regards
Abhijeet Bhowmik

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