Re: Does Hyperledger Fabrice supports Windows 10 ?

greg m

My preference is ubuntu as I have been sandboxing in it for over a year now.  Windows Toolbox may be supported, but it has wreaked havoc on my Windows Home, so I gave up on it a while ago, so please continue supporting ubuntu.

Thx, greg

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Development is technically only supported / documented on Linux and macOS.
Running the Docker images is supported on Windows 10; provides the details on the prerequisites for running on Windows 10.  If you have Windows 10 Pro, it's recommended to use Docker Desktop for Windows.  On other Windows 10 editions (e.g. Home), you'll need to use Docker Toolbox.

Building and running Fabric is supported on Ubuntu 18.04.

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I'm completely beginner to Hyperledger.
I have going through official documentation for installation but it's reffering only to Ubuntu and Mac OS only,
what is the best option for install Hyperledger on windows ?
And also does Hyperledger supports Ubuntu 18.04 ?

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