Re: ERROR: endorsement failure during invoke

Abhijeet Bhowmik <abhijeet@...>

  1. The chaincode is not able to install on machine 2 i.e. Org 2 because it is already installed as the error log says clearly.
  2. The instantiate command needs you to also give a channelID to instantiate the chaincode on, which again is clearly said in the error log. provide channelID after -C flag.
  3. Once instantiated, you can run the chaincode on any of the org. Chaincode needs to be instantiated only once on any endorsing peer. It calls the init function which you define in the chaincode.
  4. It seems you are following some tutorial from some blog website. Two notes on that:
  • If you really want to learn HLF, follow the source of HLF that is The Documentation. It's the best source.
  • Don't follow others by learning from their tutorials. You will never be able to build your own understanding and will end up having knowledge as limited as the author of the tutorial or blog.
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On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 5:00 PM ram talasila <ram.blockchain18@...> wrote:


i have deployed a PoC by using 3 physical machines (1 Orderer and 2 Organizations) by defining docker swarm cluster. Earlier i was done successfully, but now i am getting an arror while installing the chaincode. But when i check the peer chaincode list –installed, it is show ing the list. When i try to instantiate the chaincode, it is giving the error.

 i was used Fabric 1.3

I am attching the files

Installing Cahincode in the Org1 System has no problem, when i am trying to install chaincode in Org2, it is giving error


After that if i am giving Peer chaincode list –installed in Org1 and Org2 it is giving correct values


when i am giving Instantiate in Org1 System, it has given following message


now, if i give Peer chaincode list –instantiated, then it has given


After that if i am trying to give Initiate, it has given


I couldn’t able to find where is the problem

Help me in this regard

Thank you

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