ERROR: endorsement failure during invoke

ram talasila


i have deployed a PoC by using 3 physical machines (1 Orderer and 2 Organizations) by defining docker swarm cluster. Earlier i was done successfully, but now i am getting an arror while installing the chaincode. But when i check the peer chaincode list –installed, it is show ing the list. When i try to instantiate the chaincode, it is giving the error.

 i was used Fabric 1.3

I am attching the files

Installing Cahincode in the Org1 System has no problem, when i am trying to install chaincode in Org2, it is giving error


After that if i am giving Peer chaincode list –installed in Org1 and Org2 it is giving correct values


when i am giving Instantiate in Org1 System, it has given following message


now, if i give Peer chaincode list –instantiated, then it has given


After that if i am trying to give Initiate, it has given


I couldn’t able to find where is the problem

Help me in this regard

Thank you

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