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This isn't support within Fabric for Kubernetes, it is a set of tools (Helm Charts) for deploying the existing Fabric components

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Thanks Hakan.  And thank you to APG and Accenture NL for agreeing to open up the code.  With major contributions like this it's always best to engage the community at the start of the work, so you can build upon what's been done already, or contribute to existing efforts.  Hopefully you didn't duplicate much ongoing work.  Presuming it didn't, the best course will be to submit it as a PR to Gerrit, rather than just posting a link to a Github repo.  And with all contributions of code, hopefully it comes with an implied commitment to help maintain it going forward, as presumably you'd be maintaining it for your own needs yourselves going forward anyways.
Can a Fabric maintainer comment on the current or anticipated state of Kube support in Fabric is?  Whether this code is helpful or a different approach is being taken?
On 6/4/19 4:59 AM, Hakan Eryargi wrote:

Dear HL Fabric Community,


We are so happy and excited to announce that we have just opened our source code for running HL Fabric in Kubernetes :)


This repository contains a couple of Helm charts to:


  • Configure and launch the whole HL Fabric network, either:
    • A simple one, one peer per organization and Solo orderer
    • Or scaled up one, multiple peers per organization and Kafka orderer
  • Populate the network:
    • Create the channels, join peers to channels, update channels for Anchor peers
    • Install/Instantiate all chaincodes, or some of them, or upgrade them to newer version
  • Backup and restore the state of whole network


This work is a result of collaborative effort between APG and Accenture NL.


We had implemented these Helm charts for our project's needs, and as the results looks very promising, decided to share the source code with HL Fabric community. Hopefully it will fill a large gap! Special thanks to APG for allowing opening the source code :)


We strongly encourage the HL Fabric community to take ownership of this repository, extend it for further use cases, use it as a test bed and adapt it to the Fabric provided samples to get rif of endless Docker Compose files and Bash scripts.


Cheers and happy BlockChaining in Kubernetes!

Hakan Eryargi (r a f t)








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