Re: why do we need fabtoken

Alessandro Sorniotti

qs meng

The paper describes fabcoin, which was just created as a benchmarking instrument for fabric.

In the paper "Hyperledger Fabric: A Distributed Operating System for
Permissioned Blockchains", fabtoken is succinctly described. I want to
know how much difference there will be between the one in the paper and
the one to be implemented.
At a high level, the two approaches are not dissimilar, since they both follow a UTXO paradigm. There are several differences though, for instance fabtoken makes better use of fabric's execution model and uses a custom transaction processor instead of doing everything at the chaincode level.

In the paper after an utxo is spent, it is said that delstate is
called to delete the utxo and it's status is labeld with spent. I think
that means the utxo's status is labeled with spent, not deleted.
It is as it is written - the state representing the utxo is deleted. "Labelling" the state as spent is achieved by deleting it.


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