Manual signings of the transactions #fabric

Aboubakar Koïta


I already asked the question on Stack Overflow about my issue, but he remains unanswered: Manual signings of the transactions are not visibles during checking(fabric 1.4)

We are supposed to be able to sign a transaction with multiple identities, and that can be a requirement configured in the policies.

But I'm failing to make this working, that is, I have a policy requiring multi signatures, so I sign the transaction file(.tx) successively with the MSP information of the two organizations, but when I submit the transaction then, the orderer or the peers will reject it, saying that "Signature set did not satisfy policy ...".

And what is weird is that this check ignores the others signatures I did, it will just consider the signature done automatically by the command submitting the transaction: peer channel update or peer chaincode instantiate, as if this last signature invalidated the signatures that I applied before manually.

Some idea about what I'm missing?

The commands that I used:

The variables that I modified to make a different signature:



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