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david liu

I have created a issue for sdk-node and welcome suggest below. It has been witnessed for a while and looks it is time to go forward.


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Yep ... this is the right move.
We should also look at doing the same thing for the SDK

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I wanted to get community views on the topic of moving the v1.4.1 Node.js chaincode support from Node 8 to Node 10

[the jira issue is]

Fabric v1.4 is the LTS release

NodeJS v8 is no longer in 'active' status, NodeJS v10 is the active LTS release.
There was one issue with Node 10 - but that has been resolved now. The CI pipelines have Node 10 support

Please feedback positive or negative on this change. Based on the current positive feedback the intent *is to move* to using Node 10 for v1.4.1


Regards, Matthew.
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