Documentation Workgroup: Agenda for Friday, 08 Feb

Anthony O'Dowd

Hi All,

We will hold the documentation workgroup on Friday, 08 Feb. We run the meeting twice during the day to make it easier for both Eastern and Western hemispheres.  See meeting times at the bottom of this note.  

Thanks again to Joe for hosting last week's western hemisphere meeting! Our agenda this week will be similar to last week, as we're middle of 2.0 development. We'll review development progress with Pam and Joe, to catch up on the latest features, and focus items from this week's maintainers meeting. Joe will share progress on the new orderer topic, and hopefully Nik will be able to provide an update on the new Policy topic.

We still have to merge the final Developing  Apps topic on Transaction context. Finally, Sjir, Isaac and Anthony will share progress on the new Advanced Commercial Paper tutorial and sample. Hopefully, we'll be able to have a discussion on the design of data structures and smart contract transactions for the extension scenario.

For 2019, if you'd like to contribute to these or another topic, please join the call -- there are now lots of people who are keen to help you contribute to the documentation!

The full agenda is available for you to read here :
Feel free to post comments to the mailing list, so that we can include at the meeting. Or you can just come along, listen and discuss - you're always welcome!

Very best regards, Anthony.

Meeting Details
Please use the following link to attend the meeting:

Zoom should work in the browser.  I will open the call 5 minutes early so that folks can test it out. I'll also monitor the RocketChat at so that if anyone has issues, ping me there!

More Zoom connection options at the bottom of this note.

The meeting times are as follows:

Meeting 72A: Friday 08 Feb
                   1130 India Standard Time
                   1400 China Standard Time
                   1500 Japan Standard Time
                   1700 Australia Eastern Time
                   1400 Singapore Time
                   1000 Gulf Standard Time
                   0900 Moscow Standard Time
                   0600 Greenwich Mean Time
                   0700 Central European Time
Meeting 72B: Friday 08 Feb
              1000 Central Daylight Time
                   1100 Eastern Daylight Time
                   0800 Pacific Daylight Time
                   1200 Brasil Standard Time
                   1600 Greenwich Mean Time
                   1700 Central European Time
                   1800 Moscow Standard Time
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