Error while running chaincode

Abhay Prasad


I am trying to run the below GitHub application and getting errorĀ messages as shown below.

I am trying to compile and run chaincode as given in below instruction,.

1. Compile the chaincode: In a new terminal, connect to the chaincode container
and build the chaincode with the following command:
$ docker exec -it chaincode bash
$ cd trade_workflow_v1
$ go build

2. Run the chaincode with the following command:

But i am getting error on running command number 2 i.e. ( $ CORE_PEER_ADDRESS=peer:7052 CORE_CHAINCODE_ID_NAME=tw:0 ./trade_workflow_v1)

"Error trying to connect to local peer: context deadline exceeded"

Also running $ ./ up -d true (dev mode) is generating crypto materials and channel artifacts but it is not listing and docker containers.


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