Question regarding user enrollment using Fabric-CA node sdk #fabric-sdk-node #fabric #fabricca


Hello Team,

I have created my fabric network which includes 2 Orgs having 2 peers each and used Fabric-CA for generating crypto material for peers and orderer. Now my question is, how to enroll and register users which will do the transactions (invoke/query the ledger) using Fabric-CA node sdk. I have gone through the "balance-transfer" sample app but in that sample, key-store path for storing user credentials is hard-coded and keys gets generated inside the project directory. I assume, there will be some way possible to enroll users and store their credentials inside the peer containers of organization(as other peer related certificates/keys are also getting stored inside the container of the peer). Kindly let me know if my assumption is correct or wrong. If correct, then kindly suggest how to achieve this using fabric-ca node sdk. Else guide me on how to store user credentials outside the containers securely.

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