Re: Issue in starting couchdb


CouchDB spews out these errors when it does not find one of the three system level databases, (_users, _replicator and _global_changes), especially during the beginning of its instance. These errors stop showing up once these system databases are created by Fabric. They usually don't interfere with Fabric operations.   

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 11:33 AM via Lists.Hyperledger.Org <> wrote:

I am seeing this while i am trying to start couchdb on any peer:

nonode@nohost <0.320.0> -------- chttpd_auth_cache changes listener died database_does_not_exist at mem3_shards:load_shards_from_db/6(line:403) <= mem3_shards:load_shards_from_disk/1(line:378) <= mem3_shards:load_shards_from_disk/2(line:407) <= mem3_shards:for_docid/3(line:91) <= fabric_doc_open:go/3(line:38) <= chttpd_auth_cache:ensure_auth_ddoc_exists/2(line:187) <= chttpd_auth_cache:listen_for_changes/1(line:134)

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