Re: segmentation violation when running orderer in kafka mode

Gari Singh <garis@...>

Looks like you are running into an error using the native revolver library on your host system.
You can try setting the environment variable GODEBUG=netgo and if using Docker directly passing in the flag "--dns-search ." or with Docker Compose setting the property "dns_search=."

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Date: 11/13/2018 03:45AM
Subject: [Hyperledger Fabric] segmentation violation when running orderer in kafka mode

Dear hyperledger fabric team!

I am running into a segmentation violation error (see stack trace when starting an orderer in orderer type: kafka. However, after a random number of restarts (from 0 - 30) the orderer starts up successfully. Did I run into a bug?

Kafka Version: 1.0.0 (hyperledger/fabric-kafka:0.4.14)
Environment: kubernetes cluster v1.10.8_1527
Hyperledger Fabric Version: 1.3.0

orderer configuration in configtx.yaml -

I've also posted my question to rocketchat -

Any suggestions?

kind regards

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