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Gari Singh <garis@...>

From a performance standpoint, Kafka and Zookeeper (ZK) are not going to be the bottleneck.
So how many ZK nodes and Kafka brokers you deploy will depend on your resiliency model / requirements.

Zookeeper's fault tolerance is based on a 2f+1 model where f represents the number of faulty nodes you are willing to tolerate.
If you are willing to tolerate a single failure (f=1) then you'd need 3 ZK nodes (2*1 + 1). Typically, most people set up ZK clusters to support 1-5 faulty nodes (so 3,5,7,9 or 11 nodes).
I'd suggest starting out with 3 or 5 nodes.

For Kafka, the number of brokers you need will also be based on your tolerance for failures and for resiliency. From a Fabric perspective, it's best to use a minimum of 4 Kafka brokers.
This will give you a replication factor of 3 and allow you to tolerate a single node going down and still maintain full operations.

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what's the recommened number of Kafkas and Zookeepers if I want to have around 5 organizations, with each organization to have 5-6 peer nodes?

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