Re: gossip error during the startup of 1 peer node #fabric #fabric-questions


The important piece of information is what is logged in the log entry above - the reason for this warning.
If the reason is that the certificate couldn't be found - then it's OK as long as it doesn't keep appearing.

This happens when the membership propagates faster than certificates, and then you can't verify the membership messages because the certificates didn't propagate in time.

From:        "Simon Yau" <skyau2@...>
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Date:        16/07/2018 09:26 AM
Subject:        [Hyperledger Fabric] gossip error during the startup of 1 peer node #fabric #fabric-questions
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Hi everyone, i am creating peer1/peer2/peer3, (anchor node is peer1), when i start the peer3, below error message, any idea?

2018-07-16 06:19:51.180 UTC [gossip/gossip] handleMessage -> WARN 1d0 Message GossipMessage: tag:EMPTY alive_msg:<membership:<endpoint:"" pki_id:"a\212\366\353C\204a!\242}oW}\306\034j\005\362\346\342\212d\367:W\211\226\351\232\305\226k" > timestamp:<inc_num:1531721916126181770 seq_num:54 > > , Envelope: 78 bytes, Signature: 70 bytes Secret payload: 24 bytes, Secret Signature: 71 bytes isn't valid

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