Endorsement Policy On Committer Peer #fabric


Dear all Fabric Experts,

Recently I have seen the slide about bootstrap fabric network In Slideshare website((https://www.slideshare.net/ibmsverige/blockchain-explored)
,but I can't not find how endorsement policy can be effective for validating transaction on Committer Peer(not Endorsing Peer) without instantiating chaincode on this peer?

In that slide(and some other documents too), We can install chaincode on Endorsing Peer and also We can instantiate chaincode on a channel for the peers that join this channel.

1) Can we instantiate chaincode with Endorsement policy for all the peer including Committer Peer which have not been installed chaincode?
    (In other words, Can we instantiate chaincode on the peer which have not been installed chaincode?)

2) If we can't not instantiate chaincode with endorsement policy on Commiter Peer,
    How Commiter Peer validate endorsement policy for a transaction?
    Is there any other way for committer peer can get the Endorsement Policy for a chaincode?

I appreciate any comments or reply.

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