Re: multiple channels versus multiple networks? <rpjday@...>

recently, i asked if there was any rationale for, rather than
creating another channel within an existing fabric network, just
creating an entirely new network, whereupon christopher ferris

On Sun, 13 May 2018, Christopher Ferris wrote:

"is there some general rule of thumb that advises when it's
appropriate to create multiple channels within a single network, and
when it's appropriate to simply create entirely distinct fabric

no. unless the set of members is disjoint and it were unlikely that
membership would ever be overlapping, there would be no reason that
one should go to that extreme.

is this explained somewhere in the docs? more to the point, is it
something that should be immediately obvious to the fabric developer?
i know this might sound like reaching, but if you took this position
to its logical extreme, then the entire planet would need only one
network, with a gazillion different channels, which is obviously


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