Chaincode events and transaction outcome API

Oleg Sesov <osesov@...>


Our project currently connected with IoT, and we are concerned about network traffic in HPF.

In Fabric 0.6 there was an peer network requests to subscribe to chaincode events and transaction outcome notifications, and they were separated from new block event - so that a connected devices could download only the necessary information.

Since 1.0, these requests seems to be abandoned - while subscription/unsubscription still works, the methods to deliver these events to the client, are not called at peer side. Instead both the node.js and java client SDKs relay on receiving new blocks and parsing them at client side to deliver these events locally. This behavior imposes some issues with connecting IoT devices, especially over the low-bandwidth networks.

In HPF 1.1 situation has been improved a bit, providing filtered blocks, and filtering by channel, however this still generates extra unwanted traffic to connected devices when several devices share the same channel. 

Since the code to deliver these events is mostly here, I wonder are there any plans to bring this functionality, or something similar back to life? I could not get the final impression from reading Fabric's Jira.

Oleg Sesov.

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