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Composer 19 exposes fabric SDK, so it is quite possible to write chaincode with the same behaviors as those in node or Go, however transactions and queries written that way do bypass the excellent Composer ACL system. So there is no free lunch. But it certainly helps if you want to have one point of contact and explore channel heights and blocks for example. Quite a lot can be accomplished with these simple APIs.

I agree that working with Composer is so easy and so powerful that it behooves one to use it for small projects with expectations of only moderate transaction flow. It's just too good to ignore. However, bursty traffic on Fabric 1.0.x and Composer 15 has been giving us a few issues, so I would jump on 1.1 if possible. But using an IBM Cloud lite Kubernetes cluster (free) and the open source IBM Container Service together make for a compelling prototype and development framework, and for now it is Fabric 1 and Composer 16.2. A pretty good starter arrangement in my book.


Container service on github:
Docs for same:
Clusters on IBM Cloud (click create at bottom right to see the lite option):

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There is no universal answer to your question. Each possibility has its own pros and cons. Composer can certainly speed things up when it comes to development because it provides you with a higher level of abstraction. On the other hand, if you want to have direct control over your chaincode and work with one of the SDKs Composer isn't going to be helpful. Also, because Composer builds on top of Fabric it is inevitably always a bit behind so if you want to use the latest and greatest features of Fabric you may not be able to do so with Composer before some time.

This said, while it would probably be useful to document those pros and cons somewhere, as a rule of thumb I would say that you should use Composer unless you have a good reason not to.

Hope this helps.
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[Hyperledger Fabric] Route to create Hyperledger fabric Blockchain solution
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Hello Folks,

Am trying to develop Blockchain solution using Hyperledger and the approach that I have taken is to use the fabric samples “BYFN” sample for the configuration file templates and am modifying it individual files trying out the solution.

My concern here is that, do we have any defined roadmap for creating Blockchain solution, Should one use Hyperledger Composer for solution development or SDK or what exactly one should use to setup blockchain solution.

Please suggest.

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