Re: Multiple Channels in Hyperledger Leading to Multiple Point to Point Connection and Multiple Ledgers

Nathan Aw

Dear all,

2nd try. Any quick inputs + thoughts?

Thank you. 

On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 12:49 AM, Nathan Aw <> wrote:
Dear all,

Understand that privacy in HyperLedger is achieved via a per-channel basis and one ledger per channel. My question -- will there be scalability/maintenance issues if there are many members (>50) with many channels due to this design? 

Say there are 31 banks in a network (a bit of a stretch... just assuming), each bank needs to transact with the other 31 banks.

Bank A setup 30 channels to the other 30 banks. 
Bank B setup 30 channels to the other 30 banks.
Bank C setup 30 channels to the other 30 banks
The list goes on. 

30 * 30 = 900 channels. 

Comparing this to Quorum where Zero Knowledge Proofs are used and R3 Corda via Notaries, how does the channel design in Hyperledger stack up to these differing technologies? 

Thank you.


Nathan Aw

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