[New feature] netcomposer: Utility to bootstrap Fabric networks



We’ve implemented an utility to easily bootstrap HF networks based on a simple configuration file. In a very similar way cryptogen tool generates certificates, this tool creates docker files and volumes (along with the certificates by means of cryptogen) to make the process of bootstrapping a Fabric network as simple as possible.

The implementation of this utility was motivated by the kind of changes we’ve been doing to the Fabric as part of a research project where we provided support for SQL within chaincodes against different relational databases (DashDB and PostgreSQL). So having a simple way to bootstrap networks just by specifying the db provider, amount of peers and ordering services was of great help.

We think this utility is useful when getting started with HF and for bootstrapping development/testing HF networks based on customized HF images in a local environment, with docker as the only prerequisite.

We’d appreciate your feedback to make it a useful contribution for the Hyperledger Fabric community.

Best regards,

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