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Binh, can you send that deck again, or better yet, commit it to the Wiki and send a link?  It may have been lost; it looks like we were having mailing list issues last week that might have continued through Saturday.  I don't see anything relevant in the archives. 


On 08/01/2016 09:47 AM, Binh Q Nguyen wrote:

As discussed last week, we are switching to email (hyperledger-fabric) instead of conference call to accommodate our community (from many different time zones).

The key tasks at hand are
1) get familiar with Gerrit and iron out the build process. I saw folks already on this in #fabric-dev-env.
2) bring up Jira so that we can load the new work items. I believe Chris Ferris and Ry are working on this.

Please send any feedback from the deck I emailed last week after the discussion. I am working on the detail of each item (story) so that we can load them into Jira.


- Binh

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