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Thanks for raising the pull request notice here - I'd encourage folks to comment on the PR itself, bringing it back here if there's anything controversial.

I think that should also be done by developers for other pull requests that propose additions or changes to the functionality or protocol, or even bug fixes with ramifications on performance or tests. That would help avoid the issue of things "languishing" in the queue, since few people are as crazy as I am to subscribe to the Github firehose, and even with that firehose it's hard to see when something is going unattended. The Fabric weekly calls should be an opportunity to also perform a sort of breadth-first traversal of unattended proposal PRs to give some quick feedback, to make sure that contributions from new participants (no matter who they work for) aren't being ignored.

Re the earlier PRs mentioned below - could other developers take a look and give it some feedback?


On 07/06/2016 02:56 AM, Tamas Blummer wrote:
Gabor Hosszu (Digital Asset) submitted a notable new pull request to fabric:

Its motivation is to move code base toward the consensus architecture proposed by Marko Vukolic (IBM), here:
The proposal was discussed and supported by the Architecture Working Group.

The promise of the proposal is higher scalability through decoupling consensus on order and consistency from endorsement that includes computation of chain code.

This PR introduces a consensus service API and an endorser API which mark the separation line between these future services. The PR is a viable first step of a refactoring effort that has long way to go.

I hope the PR will not share the fate of our (Digital Asset) other attempts to advance fabric, and starve in the PR queue:

#1754 Add transaction rejection events:
#1722 Add noop system chaincode
#1719 Do not store failed transactions into the ledger

The newest PR is #2103 therefore I conclude that 385 other PRs were processed by maintainers in the meanwhile, one of them was ours.

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